"Products for the Generation, Detection and Measurement of Light"  


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Metax Limited                                                                           

Distributors of Optical & Electro-Optical Instruments, Components & Systems.

Products Include: 

Light Measuring Instruments, Integrating Spheres, Blackbodies & Infrared Sources, IR Detector Pre-Amplifiers, Spectroradiometers, LED Test and Measurement Systems, Photometers, Radiometers, Spectral lamps, Grid lamps, UV Radiometers,  Light Sources, Optical Patternators, Fast Spectrometers.

Partners Include:  

BHK Inc,  En'Urga Inc,  Elecrophysics Corp (Sofradir-EC),  Infrared Systems Development Corp,  Instrument Systems GmbH,  FLIR / ICX Photonics Inc,  Spectraline Inc.

Metax in Brief :

Metax has been selling instruments and components to the Electro-Optics market in the UK for over forty years.  The first optically related products, UV sources, were sold by Metax in the late sixties.    Since that time, Metax has been responsible for introducing to the UK market optical and electro-optical products from many of the now well established names in the field of electro-optics.     As a specialist distributor Metax is constantly looking at ways of better serving its customers and is proud of its product support and after sales service.  

Market Area:

Our main territory is the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) and the Republic of Ireland.

Our Mission:

 To provide quality products and support services to the electro-optics market in the UK.


Managing Director:   H C (Bob) Roberts                           

Sales Director:          John Howard  


Metax Limited

Capital Business Centre

Carlton Road    South Croydon

Surrey   CR2 0BS

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8916 2077


E-mail: sales@metax.co.uk